Important Bylaws Amendments to be Voted on at National Conference

Please read this important note from Houston chapter president Ruth Nasrullah to all chapter members:

At the annual conference September 2-4 of this year, several amendments to the national SPJ bylaws will be put to a vote.

Some of them have been already been sources of contention, with heated arguments on each side, especially the amendment addressing communities and chapters.  

As your delegate, I want to be sure I cast a vote that represents what the majority of you, the Houston Pro chapter members, want.

Please review the documents embedded below and email me your vote by August 28.  I will cast my delegate vote in line with the majority chapter members’ vote.

If you need more information, please contact National SPJ President Matt Hall at mhall at spj dot org or via Twitter @sduncovered; or National SPJ President-Elect Rebecca Aguilar at aguilar.thereporter at yahoo dot com or via Twitter @RebeccaAguilar.   

Again, I need your vote by August 28.  Thank you for participating.

~Ruth Nasrullah
President, Houston Pro chapter

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