Going above and beyond

When the pandemic first got serious in the U.S. and stay-at-home and shelter-in-place orders were handed down, what a regular workday was changed for many people.  It was no different for journalists, who if they went out to cover a story had to use equipment like an extended mic and to wear masks while keeping a minimum of six feet away from everybody.  For those who didn’t have to do reporting or cover press conferences, staying at home was an option – but an option that wasn’t fully fleshed out at first.

SPJ has done a great job of filling otherwise empty hours with tons of educational programs.  Just a few examples:

  • Pandemic’s impact on Virginia’s news media and journalists – an online webinar
  • SPJ Freelance Goal Setting Workshop – a webinar that explores how to create a life and career roadmap
  • Finding Untold Stories: How to Use PACER

Those are just a few examples.  SPJ is also offering resources for hard-hit journalists such as the Journalists Emergency Fund Grants and a membership dues waiver for those impacted by the pandemic.

Do you have suggestions for activities or programs you need or want?  Please let us know by contacting us directly at houstonspj@gmail.com or by taking this community survey.


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